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Monthly Comp (CASS)

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  • Image of Monthly Comp (CASS)

:SOLD OUT August 2k16: "Shrinking Margins" SMF006 feat. Marcy's Band, Mope Grooves, Mini Blinds, Woolen Men, L.O.X. (mysterious super group)

SOLD OUT September 2k16 "Diluted Margins" SMF 009 feat. Mr. Wrong, Honey Bucket, Jon Huteson Johnson, Kyle n Stevie, Conditioner

SOLD OUT October 2k16 Amplification Series Benefit Comp

November 2k16 - Entrenched Margins SMF0011(not actually 10 like it says on the card :D) featuring Toxic Slime Records, The Sherpas (fake Raf band), Mope Grooves, Cool Schmool, and Ladywolf